Christmas Plant Care Tips


There are some crops inextricably linked to Christmas.

Oh certain, there’s the tree. However there are additionally the little crops that visitors hold displaying up with – poinsettias, Christmas cactus, and the like.

The visitor presents the little fella (cyclamen, azalea, no matter) on the door – and he actually does look fairly festive in his white wicker basket and a vibrant purple bow.

However every week later, he is all slumped over wanting just like the Ghost of Christmas Previous. The issue is that the majority of those crops do probably not wish to be indoors in any respect. They wish to be outdoors – ideally in some tropical clime (do not all of us?).

However underneath the fitting situations, Christmas flowers and crops can survive a month inside – even with you. These Christmas plant care ideas will help.

Christmas Plant Care Tips for the Typical Suspects


The plant we name “amaryllis” will not be actually amaryllis, however a Hippeastrum hybrid.

The actual Amaryllis belladonna is within the lily household – you in all probability comprehend it as “Bare Women.” However that is one other story.

Your fake amaryllis would require a heat place with vibrant gentle however not full solar.

Preserve soil evenly moist however not moist. The bloom ought to final six to eight weeks.


Some azaleas are bred as greenhouse crops, however they’re nonetheless a bit tough to maintain alive indoors. Preserve it moist, cool (45 to 60 levels at the very least at night time – perhaps the storage?), and away from warmth ducts.

Christmas plant care ideas listed here are fairly simple, even for brown thumbs: It wants vibrant gentle however no direct solar. Mist, take away useless flowers and cross your fingers.

Christmas Cactus

Sure, Virginia, there’s a Christmas cactus – and it is a totally different critter from the oft-confused Easter cactus – although they appear a lot alike.

The trick to telling them aside is that the Christmas cactus has extra pointed leaves, and the Easter cactus leaves are extra scalloped.

The simplest strategy to inform is that the Christmas cactus often blooms at Christmas, and the Easter cactus often blooms at Easter. As my children would say, “Duh!”

These are forms of cactus referred to as “forest cactus” as a result of, within the wild, they develop on timber in tropical forests. Put them in a vibrant window and water when the highest of the soil begins to dry out.

Christmas Pepper

Capsicum annum is descended from chili and cayenne peppers, so the fruit’s too sizzling to eat and are purely decorative. It wants some direct daylight and don’t permit it to dry out between waterings.

Mist often and hold the plant in a cool spot (away from furnace vents), and the fruits ought to final two or three months.


Cyclamen, which are available in pink, purple, and white, are most snug in a north-facing window of a cool room (50 to 60 levels F.)  Preserve the soil moist, however don’t moist the crown of the plant.

Mist often and pinch off spent flowers to maintain them blooming for months.


This member of the succulent household must be positioned in vibrant however not direct solar. Preserve it cool and out of drafts.

Water completely after which let it utterly dry out earlier than you water once more; no misting is important.


Narcissus tazetta. These are a sort of daffodil that develop simply in a shallow container of water anchored by stones. For finest outcomes, place them in a cool spot in vibrant however not direct daylight and luxuriate in.


Euphorbia pulcherrima now are available in many colours – white, purple, pink, variegated. Deal with it proper and the flowers (actually bracts or coloured leaves) ought to final two to 6 months.

This plant will thrive in a heat (65 to 75 diploma F) well-lighted spot away from drafty home windows and doorways. Water solely when soil is dry. Mist leaves often.

Good luck along with your presents. With the right care, they are often saved all year long to bloom subsequent Christmas. However that is one other story.

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