Once every 20 years Florida convenes a commission to suggest amendments to the state constitution. The 2017 Constitution Revision Commission is the third ever. Fewer than half of the amendments proposed by the first two CRCs were approved by voters.

“Objection– Hearsay.”

This is the best way to respond to the narrative laid out by Kathryn Varn in her article for the USA Today Network entitled, “Florida has a unique right protecting abortion. Its framers designed it that way.”  Her special report claims to uncover the “never fully been told” “story” about the origin of Article 1, Section 23 of Florida’s Constitution, “The Right to Privacy.”

The article focuses on Pat Dore, an esteemed and beloved law professor from Florida State University who passed away in 1992, and the memories of her 73-year-old attorney lawyer friend who lives in Tallahassee.  Dore served on the staff of the 1977-1978 Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

I was interviewed for this story but sadly the reporter chose not to emphasize the overwhelming evidence I presented her with that clearly points to the fact the privacy amendment was birthed directly out of a nationwide debate over government intrusion into the private lives of citizens because of Watergate, wiretapping, wire transfers, fax machines, and TCP-IP–, not abortion.

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